20 July 2016

Hard link facility in ExpPrint

With the release of ExpPrint 6.3 it now has the ability to identify hard linked files.

A key point to know about the operating system’s implementation of hard links is that there isn’t really an original file with others that link to it.

There’s a good explanation of hard links on Wikipedia here, but in brief, the idea that a file is contained insider a folder isn’t the full story…

ExpPrint 6.3 Release

While this is only a minor release, there are a few additions that may benefit from some additional background information.

28 December 2014

Changes resulting from the new EUVAT rules on 1 Jan 2015 (VATMOSS)

On the 1 Jan 2015 new EU VAT rules come into force that require anyone in the world selling “digital services” to consumers in the EU to charge VAT on the sale regardless of any national VAT exemption status for low turnover businesses.

2 November 2014

Folders First!

I was recently asked whether it was possible to have ExpPrint list sub-folders before the file items in a folder. I had to admit that it wasn’t something I remember considering and so it wasn’t currently an option. However, with a bit of editing of the XSLT it is achievable.

4 October 2014

Inside ExpPrint 6.2 Changes

A customer recently suggested that it’d be much better if ExpPrint could produce stand-alone HTML files so that anyone with a suitable modern web browser could see the same presentation without needing ExpPrint installed. Since this was something I’d always intended to have (but hadn’t found how to do it), I thought I’d have another look into it.

29 March 2014

ExpPrint V6.1.2.0

This release adds 5 more hashing algorithms. ExpPrint now supports the following hash algorithms: Crc32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512.

Hash functions (Wikipedia)

10 March 2014

Unusual uses for ExpPrint–Finding long file paths

A customer recently told me they were using ExpPrint to find occurrences of files with very long path names. Their backup program had a problem with file paths that exceeded the normal 260 character limit, so they needed to find them and shorten them.